Why Flex Fuel Kit Installation is Required for Your Vehicle?

by Admin | March 12, 2024

Over the past years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of flex-fuel vehicles. Car owners become smart and whoever has not bought a flex-fuel compatible car is considering installing the flex fuel kit now. You are smart enough if you have bought a new flex-fuel car. Flex fuel technology is not complicated to use; rather flex fuel is not evil for the environment. Now many car owners question flex fuel, how the kit works, how it affects the car, etc. Do not worry but read this blog for all your answers. We will start with the definition of flex-fuel and then cover why modern car owners must install the kit for better understanding.  

What is Flex Fuel? 

Flex fuel is also called flexible fuel. This alternative fuel is produced with a blend of gasoline and ethanol or methanol. Flex-fuel vehicles run on alternative fuels due to the internal combustion engines. Flex fuel or E85 is a blend of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol. However, fuel is not easily available and you need to depend on gas stations in major metro areas. E85 is readily found in the Midwestern USA because the region produces more corn and corn is the main source of ethanol. 

Why Flex Fuel Kit Installation is Necessary for Vehicles?

Akin to the kit name, the kit adds fuel flexibility to your vehicle. Once you are done with the flex-fuel kit installation, you can run your car on any type of fuel regardless of the ethanol percentage. Your car will get rid of fuel tuning hassle once you install the kit. It will automatically adjust to tune in reading the ethanol percentage and compensate for it. 

However, if you are car was built before 1986, is diesel-driven, has no carburetor, and/or has a mechanical fuel injection system in place of an electronic fuel injection system, you cannot install the kit. 

What Does a Flex Fuel Vehicle Generally Have?

If you own a flex fuel vehicle, your engine functions well on E85 and standard gasoline with no sign of damage to your engine. Let us know how the E85 engines are different from standard car engines. 

  • Your vehicle has a fuel pump along with a fuel line, fuel injector, and a fuel tank that is resistant to ethanol corrosion. 
  • It has larger fuel pumps and injectors.
  • The cylinder, piston, valve, and other internal parts of your vehicle are coated to prevent ethanol and chemical corrosion.  

But, if your car has no flex-fuel engine, convert it into a flex-fuel car by simply installing the flex-fuel kit. 

Benefits of Installing the Flexible Fuel Kit

With the installation of a flexible fuel kit, you will have some of the benefits

  • Your car runs both on gasoline and E85 with a simple upgrade. 
  • A cleaner and safer option for the environment. Because ethanol burns cleaner compared to gasoline. 
  • Carbon emission and toxic fumes pumping will be lower.
  • The kit restricts greenhouse gas emission
  • You can run your car instead of thinking about the proportion of gasoline and ethanol. 
  • Your car engine will gauge the blend with the electronic sensor and the microprocessor will adjust the fuel injection and timing. 

Last but not the least,

You will get tax credits when you run your car on flex fuel. So, what are you looking for? Install the flex fuel kit today and contact Radium Parts for the best E85 flex fuel conversion kit for your vehicle today.