Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Gate King Tailgate Adjuster Installation

by Admin | March 3, 2023

Next time you go to load or haul cargo, LEAVE THE TIE DOWNS AT HOME. Seriously… with Gate King’s Tailgate Adjuster there’s no longer a need to deal with finding ways to keep cargo of any kind from falling out of the bed of your truck. Want to go ride dirt bikes with some friends but you don’t want to keep dirty gear inside the truck? NOT A PROBLEM, these hinges can adjust to 8 different positions to not only ensure your bike won’t fall out, but now your dirty gear can ride in the bed safely without you having to worry about it sliding out of the back. Gate King’s Tailgate Adjuster pairs perfectly with a tunnel cover because it allows cargo such as wood, surfboards, rebar, or anything longer than your bed to be hauled with your tunnel cover remaining closed.

Tips for Hassle-Free Gate King Tailgate Adjuster Installation

Installation of the Gate King Tailgate adjuster is extremely easy when you follow a few steps. Time to uncover the steps,

  1. First, unbox the gate king tailgate adjuster and check the parts in the box. The box will contain 4 bolts, 4 spacers, and two Gate King hinges.
  2. Next, lower the tailgate.
  3. Then, remove the bolts holding tailgate cable from one side and leave the other side to hold the gate.
  4. After that, take one Gate King tailgate lift and install the same with help of bolts and screws. You don’t need to drill any holes as it would use the same holes as the previous tailgate.
  5. Now you would repeat the same process on the other side.

The steps are as simple as mentioned above. It would take merely 10 to 20 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes (if you are a /rst-timer handling such an installation task)

Happy to Mention

The Gate King Tailgate adjuster can be adjusted in 8 different positions. The peace of mind you will receive with Gate king is priceless. No more dealing with difficult ways to haul large loads, no more searching for tie downs, and no more hassle! Purchase yours today from