Advanced Fuel Dynamics Plug and Play Active E85 Flex Fuel System for 2008-09 Pontiac G8

Plug and Play Active E85 Flex Fuel System for 2008-09 Pontiac G8.



We know there are a couple of ways to run E85 with fixed map tunes or wide-band systems. If you are comparing these options here are some things to think about:

Why Chose AFD:

A fixed map E85 tune or switch map tune is never correct unless you run E85 race fuel from a barrel. If you go to the pump you willneverget 85% ethanol. The federal standard is 51-83%. If you run an E85 tune and you don’t have 85% ethanol you will always be washing your cylinder walls and will eventually ruin your piston rings. The patented ProFlex system is a real time adaptive flex fuel system that always delivers the right amount of fuel for the blend in your tank. E85 tunes are the dinosaur of E85 options. ProFlex is the future of flex fuel.

Wide-Band Systems:

A wide-band system uses historical data from your O2 sensors to try and figure fuel delivery based on correcting for rich or lean conditions. The problem with wide band systems is something called latency. Latency means that when your fuel percentages change it takes a long time for the computer to figure it out, and while that happens you will be running lean or rich. Fill up with E85 on the way to the track and you will be running gas fuel loads with ethanol in the tank, which can cause lean burn which can melt your pistons. Switch back to gas and you will run rich and wash your cylinder walls.

ProFlex Commander Pro:

The ProFlex system is a real time flex fuel system, which means it has zero latency. With ProFlex the fuel loads are correct 100% of the time. Wide band gets the job done, but ProFlex correctly adjusts faster and protects your engine better than anything out there.

Additional Attributes:

GTIN: 00887753694218

Induction Type: Aftermarket Forced Induction

Injector Size: 600cc/60lb/hr or larger

Prop 65 Yes/No: No

Reference No: 32011

Extened Information:

Life Cycle Status: Available To Order


Quantity of Each: 1

Package UOM: EA


Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in


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