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Tailgate Adjustment made Easy with Gate King’s Tailgate Adjuster


Gate Kings tailgate adjuster is tailgate hinge of tomorrow! It eliminates the need of tie downs to keep your cargo from sliding out the back of your truck! These hinges provide a high level of convenience and ease to your NEW effortless loading and hauling routine. First off, Gate King’s Tailgate Adjuster provides exceptional strength in any of the 10 adjustable positions. Furthermore, with a multitude of adjustable positions, the gate king lift gate parts product been tested to meet the endurance and strength needs of anything you may want to haul in your pickup. It works with every major pickup truck on the road today.

Designed in the USA. Manufactured and tested right here in sunny California. Gate King’s patented design produces such as gate king tailgate shocks struts has strength of over 2x as much as your factory tailgate cables. It also installs in under 10 minutes with basic hand tools.


Ascend to Superior Heights with Gate King Lifted Truck Parts

Ascend to superior heights and conquer the road with Gate King Lifted Truck Parts. Elevate your driving experience to new levels of power and performance with our premium selection of lifted truck components. From robust suspension systems to rugged off-road tires, Gate King ensures that your truck stands tall and commands attention on any terrain. Our meticulously crafted parts are designed for durability and precision, providing not just a lift but a leap in capability. Trust Gate King to deliver excellence in lifted truck accessories, as we empower you to reach new heights and conquer every journey with unmatched confidence and style.


Features Of Get King Tailgate

Get King Tailgate, with its exceptional features, stands out as the ultimate tailgating solution. This portable marvel not only boasts durability but also comes equipped with Gate King Tailgate accessories to enhance your outdoor experience. The built-in high-performance grill provides versatility for culinary delights, while the ample storage compartments make organization a breeze. Designed for convenience, this tailgate solution incorporates modern technology for easy control of various functions. Elevate your tailgating festivities with Get King Tailgate and its accompanying Gate King Tailgate accessories, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and tradition for an unforgettable outdoor gathering..


Why Choose Gate King Tailgate of Radium parts?

When considering truck tailgate accessories, Gate King stands out as a premier choice. The Gate King Tailgate of Radium parts guarantees unparalleled quality, combining durability and precision. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these accessories ensure superior performance and reliability. The meticulously designed radius parts seamlessly integrate with your tailgate system, adhering to the highest industry standards. Gate King Truck Tailgate Accessories are synonymous with excellence and innovation, offering a perfect fit and enhanced functionality. Elevate your driving experience with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen top-tier accessories that prioritize longevity, functionality, and a sleek design.



1. Can I use Gate King products for non-tailgating events?

Absolutely! Gate King tailgate accessories are not limited to tailgating alone. They can be used for picnics, camping, outdoor events, and other occasions where portable and convenient solutions are needed.

2. Can I get replacement parts for Gate King accessories?

Yes, Gate King generally provides replacement parts for their accessories. Contact their customer support or check their website for information on obtaining replacement parts.

3. Is there a warranty on the lifted truck parts?

Gate King Lifted Truck Parts typically provides warranties on their products. It’s advisable to review the warranty information specific to each part, as warranty terms may vary. Warranties often cover defects in materials or workmanship.

4. Is there a customer support hotline for urgent inquiries?

Yes, Gate King provides a customer support hotline for urgent inquiries. The contact details can be found on their official website.

5. Where can I purchase Gate King tailgate shocks and struts?

Gate King products are typically available through authorized dealers, automotive parts retailers, and online marketplaces. Check the official Gate King website or contact local automotive stores for information on where to purchase these products.

6. What does every Tailgate need?

Every truck tailgate needs functionality, style, and versatility. Essential features include a sturdy build for seating or cargo support, integrated step or handle for easy access, and perhaps even built-in storage options. That is why having a multitude of adjustable positions to lock your tailgate in place to give you a new level to ease when leading and hauling.

7. How can I make my tailgate better?

Enhance your truck’s tailgate by adding Gate King’s tailgate adjuster. These adjustable hinges install in less than 10 minutes with basic hand tools, and are guaranteed to make your life easier with loading and hauling large cargo. A major benefit to having adjustable hinges rather than cables is long or heavy loads can be held in your bed by the new adjustability of your tailgate!