Have You Filled The Flex Fuel Tank With Gasoline?

by Admin | March 23, 2023

Nowadays, many vehicles are equipped with a flex fuel system, which is a great alternative to traditional gasoline. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also allows your engine to run more efficiently, thanks to its high-octane rating. E85, the fuel used in flex fuel systems, is typically 25% to 35% less expensive than other high-octane fuels, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to save money on gas.

However, there may be instances where you accidentally fill up your flex fuel tank with regular gasoline. Don’t panic, though – our blog is here to guide you through the process of switching back to E85 fuel. We’ll also explain the benefits of using E85 fuel in your flex fuel tank, including improved engine efficiency, advanced spark timing, and resistance to knocking.

Clear Your Tension

First, let me get rid of your worries- there is no problem if you have accidentally filled gasoline in your flex fuel system tank. There is nothing to worry about.  Flex-fuel cars may run on regular gasoline. The engine of FFVs is intended to run on both gasoline and alternative fuels.

But There Is Another Issue

Using your FFV on diesel or leaded gasoline is not recommended and may cause engine harm. Therefore, keep these away from your FFV tank. The flex-fuel label normally refers to unleaded gasoline or E85 gasoline.


e85 flex fuel


If You Want Your Engine To Lasts Longer

E85 burns far cleaner than gasoline. It also burns more slowly. As a result, E85 helps to avoid carbon build-up, which is a major cause of ring and valve wear. The ethanol in E85 performs an excellent job of removing the deposits that form during the combustion process.

In fact, many folks will run one or two tanks of E85 through their engine to clean it. The cleaner your engine, the longer it will survive.


Choosing E85 as your major fuel source decreases the carbon footprint of your vehicle by up to 50%. As far as green solutions go, this renders E85 the next smartest way to electric automobiles. So go for it.