A Complete Guide on e85 and How Flex Fuel Works

by Admin | March 3, 2023

Gasoline price is a constant pain for car drivers and owners these days. Thus, it would be great to have alternative fuel to drive our cars, vans, truck, or SUVs to save some bucks. Like me, if you are looking for an alternative fuel option, this blog will be a great help for you. Furthermore, if your car is designated with FFV or Flex Fuel or E85 badge or you found any of the tags on the body of your car, you are in luck. You can buy E85 fuel injection kits and save your car plus the environment at the same time.

Before heading into the use of an E85 flex fuel conversion, you need to know about E85 fuel.

A Brief on E85 Flex Fuel

E85 fuel is derived from corn. It contains 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline. The ratio is considered very good to run a car safely. If anyone runs their car on E85 fuel then he would

  1. Safe money on gasoline
  2. Increase the life of the engine
  3. Produce less carbon footprint for the environment

E85 cleans the engine more than regular gasoline and boosts engine power and efficiency.

How to Install the E85 Injection kit?

If you aren’t the most mechanically inclined, you can drive your car to the nearest car service center to install the E85 flex-fuel conversion kit. Though, most car owners do it on their own with an estimated 1hr install time.

How does E85 Injection Kit Work?

The installation of E85 flex fuel conversion kit makes no difference in the cars driveability. It adapts the car’s fuel system and signals the injectors accordingly with the correct content of ethanol fuel. The kit works automatically, with off the shelf tunes, and with bolt on parts. So, no additional adjustment is required.

Ending Up

E85 flex fuel kits are built with external temperature sensors. The sensor detects the engine temperature and adds fuel to the engine accordingly. Thus, if you install the E85 Flex Fuel kit, the kit helps your car to start in extreme cold easily.